They say, Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. How true! I’m no exception to it. Though the entire world is gripped in the clutches of the pandemic, I suffer comparatively less. I experience the joy daily that fills me with contentment despite of lockdown. I see my beautiful moons, my students everyday, eager to learn, waiting for my arrival with cheerful smiles.

They listen to me with great attention, precisely grasping every word spoken. They share their curious queries with an assurance of getting them fulfilled satisfactorily. At times, they don’t expect a right or wrong answer but just a listener with a positive reply. They learn many life lessons apart from the conventional teaching-learning. They learn to read between the lines and hear the unspoken. More importantly, they learn to feel and widen their perspective. For that I don’t have to be just a teacher, but an awakener. Just a guide by the side.

People opine differently about the Online Classes. Nothing wrong. Person to person the experiences do differ. But I do love it as I would have loved it physically. In fact, I find the bond between the students and mentors stronger than the regular class. In a four wall classroom, there can be various factors to divert the attention. Whereas in an online class, it’s just concentrated towards the speaker. One can share the doubts and difficulties personally, without hesitation,without feeling awkward or the fear of being laughed at. Moreover, the feedback is also given instantly.

There are many pros and cons about online classes that can be debated considerably. But as a matter of fact one must accept the ‘New Normal’ with wide arms open. We teachers are an optimistic clan, determined to make a better tomorrow. We look at the silver lining behind the dark clouds.

Anyway, it’s the time of my moonrise again and I must not delay for it.

Mr. Sagar V. Pharande

TGT Coordinator, DCPIS.

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